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Natural Exfoliation Loofah Pads

Natural Exfoliation Loofah Pads

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Set of 5 loofah pads

100% natural gentle facial exfoliation pads for clearer, brighter and more radiant looking skin.

The discs are made from the dried subtropical fruit of the loofah plant which is from the same cucumber family Luffa aegyptiaca.


  •   Round natural loofah pads / disc
  •   Measured 6 cm (2.5") wide
  •   This is a natural product so slight variation in thickness is to be expected
  •   Natural colour
  •   Biodegradable & recyclable

Directions of use:-

Before first use, squeeze under warm running water for a few minutes until loofah disc has soften.

Use as part of your facial cleansing routine, first squeeze with warm water and lightly apply to damp skin in gentle circular motion. Use as often as required to buff and clear away dead skin cells, careful to avoid the eye areas.